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Advocate Industrial is a dynamic team of tradesmen specialising in fire stopping services for the electrical, plumbing and HVAC trades. With years of experience in the fire containment industry, we can provide fire sealing services for any application in buildings new and old. Advocate Industrial offers design, installation and certification of fire stopping applications using only systems tested and approved by local authorities ensuring certification and sign off on all projects.


Our team is committed to working efficiently productively, and at the completion of every project we will supply everything your company will need to satisfy all the BCA AS4072.1 requirements and certification so you can move quickly on to your
next project.



Advocate Industrial offers estimation services for passive fire applications in penetrations and service passages in walls, floors and ceilings, using only fire stopping systems recognized by national testing laboratories and authorities.




Advocate Industrial has a dynamic team of installers with years of experience, who work efficiently and compliantly to achieve timely sign off and certification on every project. Let Advocate Industrial do the "dirty work", so you can focus on the your trade.



Advocate Industrial certifies all their work ensuring compliance with Australian Standards and BCA requirements. we will provide you with a certificate of certification guaranteeing sign off and timely payment from the principal contractor. 



Let Advocate Industrial do the dirty work, sealing up the penetrations so that you can focus on the professional trades, running cables, laying pipes or air conditioning duct, or managing the entire project. Every penetration will be labelled and logged on a matrix, ready to be handed to the certifier, with a certificate of compliance so that there will be no delays in getting your final payment and moving on!!

Innovative and proactive organisation, consistently delivering industry leading, and compliant fire sealing services and solutions; renowned for excellence in workmanship, and superior customer service. 

To lead through consistently facilitating the successful installation and delivery of innovative Fire Sealing solutions.


Trust and Respect – We work as a team to create a culture of interdependence built on trust, respect and dignity for all. Each person’s contribution is critical to our success. 
Achievement and Excellence – We strive for excellence in everything we do; we challenge our thinking and look beyond the obvious. 
Customer Service – We serve people in a way that is above and beyond what is expected. 
Uncompromising Integrity – We are open, honest and direct in our dealings. 
Solutions Minded – We are passionate about developing and presenting solutions for every project. 


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                               Based on Australex' past and present working relationship with Advocate Fire Protection, Australex has gained confidence over the years with advice and rectification of smoke and fire issues found on-site and throughout the Australex buildings. Australex has also relied upon Advocate for design and pre-construction advice for up and coming buildings. Advocate has not only completed the works as asked, but has advised and solved issues within and around the building envelope of both Class 2 and Class 7 buildings.
Advocate has been not only a source of information, but a supply and installs contractor. Advocate is now added and has been a great member of building projects with Australex. Australex is proud to say Advocate is part of the solutions and requirements within the building and prior to building, along with the building codes, and with the Australian Standards that may be required.
Advocate is always ready to assist, travel and finalise works at very short notice. Australex has greatly relied on the reporting processes of Advocate and the final submission required to close out the business on the project!

- William / Construction Manager at Australex